Shorum Auto Pricing Packages – Terms and Conditions Apply

Welcome to Shorum Auto, your premier destination for automotive excellence. Below are the terms and conditions governing our pricing packages to ensure a transparent and rewarding experience for our valued users.

  1. General Terms:
    • All pricing packages are subject to availability and may be modified or discontinued at the discretion of Shorum Auto.
    • Shorum Auto reserves the right to update, change, or revise the terms and conditions of pricing packages without prior notice.
  2. Subscription Period:
    • Pricing packages are valid for the specified subscription period, and any unused features or benefits do not carry forward beyond the subscription period.
  3. Listing Quotas:
    • The number of cars that can be listed under each package is predetermined and non-transferable.
    • Exceeding the allotted listing quota may require an upgrade to a higher-tier package or the purchase of additional listings.
  4. Featured Listings:
    • Packages may include a certain number of free featured listings, allowing enhanced visibility for select vehicles.
    • Featured listings are subject to availability and are valid for the subscription period.
  5. Subscription Renewal:
    • Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the subscription period unless canceled by the user.
    • Users will be notified in advance of upcoming renewals, and cancellation can be done through the user account settings.
  6. Payment and Refunds:
    • Payment for subscription packages is non-refundable once the subscription period has commenced.
    • Users are responsible for ensuring that payment details are up-to-date to avoid interruptions in service.
  7. Promotional Offers:
    • Shorum Auto may offer promotional discounts or additional features as part of special offers.
    • Promotions are subject to specific terms and conditions and may have expiration dates.
  8. Dealership Packages:
    • Dealership packages are tailored for businesses and may include additional features such as advanced analytics, promotional opportunities, and customized support.
    • Pricing for dealership packages is determined based on the size and requirements of the dealership.
  9. Termination of Services:
    • Shorum Auto reserves the right to terminate or suspend a user’s access to pricing packages in the event of a violation of our terms of service or for any reason deemed appropriate by Shorum Auto.
  10. Contact Information:
  • For inquiries or assistance related to pricing packages, please contact our customer support team at